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Welcome to International Med Solutions

We provide medical tourism services to Singapore. We have partnered with multiple medical groups, hospitals, Doctors and Specialists in Singapore to provide you with the best care you deserve.

At International Med Solutions, we understand how difficult it is for you to cope up with your medical condition and at the same time spend time and resource to find the best medical institution and plan your visit. IMS, with its medical services partners in Singapore, are able to provide you with a personalized care plan which allows you to reduce the burden of journey planning. Thus, reducing additional stress and allowing you to focus on the care and healing process.

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We're very grateful to the "findourdoc" Care Team for their professionalism, superb support and constant helpfulness. All in all, a fantastic partnership!
Daniel Simon
We do not and never will sell your personal data. Simply send us an inquiry and we will help you get a personalized quote from a specialist. Each quote includes a treatment plan and cost estimate.


Preventive care in adults – CARDIOVASCULAR DESEASE

Preventive care in adults – CARDIOVASCULAR DESEASE

CARDIOVASCULAR RISK ASSESSMENT Patients aged ≥20 years should undergo cardiovascular risk assessment every three to....



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High cholesterol and lipids (hyperlipidemia)

High cholesterol and lipids (hyperlipidemia)

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Carb counting and your child’s diet

Carb counting and your child’s diet

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